Sites Like Upwork: 5 Upwork Alternatives

1. workother


workother is a newer site like Upwork that connects freelancers to businesses needing their services.

You set up a profile that lists your skills, which can then be browsed by workother client base. As you work with different clients, you have the chance for your rating and visibility in the system to increase as clients provide feedback.

If you hate the idea of bidding, this is another site where you might feel more at home. Profiles tend to feature predefined projects with default (adjustable) prices. Clients can then elect to buy these pre-set services. However, the system can also handle custom projects.

workother does not have any membership fees but it does take a (rather staggering) 50% commission. Something you need to consider when setting your prices.

The site directly advises that you can gain new clients or a wider array of clients by setting prices lower, which can boost your ratings. As you become more established, you can increase your prices incrementally. In reality, this is very much how the freelance world works!

2. 99designs

This is a crowdsourcing job site which is focused exclusively on graphic and web design.

Designers are vetted on trade skill and assigned a rank when they apply. This is designed to help ensure fair pay on the platform.

You can make money by working directly with clients or by winning design contests. The site is designed to help freelancers by creating visibility and a vibrant community. Emphasis is also placed on creating long-term relationships between clients and freelancers.

There’s a $100 introduction fee for each new client and a 5-15% platform fee on each project.

3. TaskRabbit 


If you want to keep your work local, TaskRabbit connects people who need work done with freelancers in their area. This makes it distinctly different to some of the other job sites like Upwork.

TaskRabbit jobs are typically manual labor tasks like moving and packing, heavy lifting, handyman work or furniture assembly.

Tasks vary in pay based on what is required, but they tend to run to around $50 to $100, according to TaskRabbit’s homepage. Freelancers receive the hourly rate that they establish for a task since TaskRabbit charges the person hiring the freelancer a service fee.

TaskRabbit mainly operates via an app. People can post jobs and review freelancer profiles through the app by skills, previous job reviews and prices. As a worker, you get notified about jobs nearby, and can select the ones that work for you. Payment goes through the app, too.

4. ProBlogger Jobs

This is another niche job board, but it provides a good alternative for freelancers looking for blog related jobs. This is particularly useful as there are reports of writers being turned down by Upwork and other job boards due to the sheer volume of freelance writers applying.

Freelancers do not have to pay to access the jobs listed on ProBlogger nor do they pay any commission. ProBlogger makes money by charging the clients to post jobs.

While this model does not provide as much safety as a board that screens jobs, it does serve to limit scams more than sites where it is free to post.

Although this is a no-frills job board, it is also a no-cost alternative that gives you access to writing jobs, especially during periods when Upwork is no longer accepting new writers.

We have a review of ProBlogger Jobs here if you are interested in learning more.

5. Bidvine 


Bidvine is similar to TaskRabbit, but it currently only serves the UK. It also allows people to offer a wide array of services to people in their area, from web design to personal training to private lessons to photography.

You can create a profile for free at Bidvine. Preferences in the system allow you to select what type of customers you are looking for.

You can review jobs and bid yourself, or set up the system to send bids automatically. The cost to bid will depend on the service and the job size.

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