The blacklist of hacker online casinos

A couple of years ago, tons of websites were hacked and an affiliate code was injected into them so that these self-made companies receive a commission every time a player signs up. Some casinos banned this affiliate and did not pay him any of the commissions he “earned”, while others did little to punish him.

One such hacker is The owner has hacked several million third-party websites and hosts his affiliate casino advertising pages and links to those sites.

You should avoid casinos and networks that think online gambling hacking scandals are okay.

The blacklist of hacker online casinos includes:

  • cosmik casino
  • city ​​club casino
  • 888 casino
  • Europa casino
  • spin palace
  • William hill
  • Befair
  • mega casino
  • casino Midas

Casinos that are struggling with their customers or dodging winnings

Avoid casinos that either pays slowly or once didn’t pay at all. If, after a few months, you still have not received money from the casino, you should stop spending money there. Do not make another deposit until you have received cash, and try to never play on this account again.

Another thing to look out for is when online casinos start to send players in roundabout ways as soon as they request a withdrawal. The casino can make bogus requests for player verification, or ask them over and over again to send proof of who they are. Or, the casino may “examine” the player’s account every time he requests a withdrawal.

In an ideal world, you would recognize this casino even before you sign up and make a deposit. You can find out the information you need by reading the review or doing more research on the forum or watchdog site.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes you learn the hard way.

What to do if you are caught in a fraudulent online casino

Once you sense a scam, or if the casino starts changing conditions on the fly, offering you a workaround, or pays slowly, don’t give them an advantage – just cash out.

If in doubt, take the money right away.
There are so many legal and safe online casinos and 바카라사이트 out there that it makes no sense to stay with the bad ones.

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