Things To Do In Cancun

You can find restaurants that serve everything from simple traditional foods to sophisticated mixed foods. Raise the nightly celebrations a bit by visiting one of the amazing Cancun Clubs for live music, dancing the salsa and the opportunity to make new friends. Or join us at the traveler’s table for a delicious 5-story meal characterized by local food, tequila, mezkal, and wine pairing. Feel the thrill of adventure and exploration flying in a compact line.

The water is about 85 feet below ground level and can be reached by a group of stairs. Chrome hangs from the surface, hangs over the water like banners at the party, and helps provide an amazing environment for comfortable and unique swimming. It is less popular than other Mayan sites like Chichén Itzá, and places it in the middle of the forest as an atmosphere of new discoveries for visitors. In the ocean around Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nejok, there is a huge art structure under the waves. Visitors of all ages can travel in a lower glass boat to view these statues from a dry and comfortable environment. Those who want to see statues from a closer and personal point of view can dive into the water to swim between characters.

There are some ways to visit MUSA, even by boat, dive to Cancun sites or dive into the part of the Women’s Island. Marietta is a group of small uninhabited islands off the coast of Mexico. The island is home to a large number of marine life residents and is a popular diving and diving site. The government used to carry out military tests on islands that created incredible caves and rock formations.

This small island is located about 30 kilometers north of the island of Mujeres, and is now a national park due to important plants and animals. A variety of service providers offer pleasant environmental tours and adventures. Another destination closely related to Cancun is the beautiful Isla Mujeres . The sculptures, collected by six artists from Mexico and Great Britain, will eventually form the basis of the new coral reefs. If diving is not your thing, this wonderful group can be seen resting on one of the many glass cruises rolling in the water.

However, do not stay long in Zona Dorada, that is, the hotel sector in Mazatlán, because the prices here are very high. Instead of bleeding dry pockets, head to Old Mazatlán (Old Mazatlán), where things are cheaper, the pace is slower, and Mexican culture is more vital. If you need a break on the beach, just go to Airport Transfers services town and pick up a show at the Angela Peralta Theater, visit a large museum or enjoy a traditional meal at Plazuel Machado. Even beginners can dive into the underwater museum – book a beginner diving experience as it will have a brief introduction before heading out to see underwater statues and artificial reefs.

Floating on the edge of the Caribbean coast, the environment has a completely different experience than other pyramids. Spend the rest of the day examining the city before returning to Cancun. If you are looking for a quick visit, there is a smaller place in the city called El Rey, which dates from 1300CE-1500CE. The Mayan Museum in Cancun recognizes the influence of the Mayans on Mexican culture, whether in the ancient world or today. The exhibits are very small, allowing you to see everything the museum has to offer in a few hours. The building stretches for centuries to reveal the influence of the Mayans today and includes beautiful ancient architecture in the Mayans.

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