Why Do people buy gold?

The answer to this question could lead to one of the most controversial questions in this part of the world, “why do people buy gold?” While most men and women, at some stage of their lives, believe that they should acquire gold, some believe they need it to attain paradise on earth.

Some others sell it to buy three things: war bonds, horses, and to pay wives’ dowries, which are believed to contain an untold fortune in silver or tola gold.

 Many of them own the belief that human beings can have their bodily desires and goals fulfilled if they are able to obtain gold.

Golden is an important ingredient of every contemporary gold jewelry, with its timelessness, elegance, and refined beauty.

The beauty of this precious metal was manifested in all the best jewelry of the times, from ancient Greek art to the so-called “golden age” of the French 17th-18th centuries.

While the long golden cycle of this precious metal gave gold a variety of different meanings and interpretations, it is only in recent years that this precious metal has regained its popularity check the 18k gold worth.

Modern gold jewelry is made up of it, including rings, necklaces, and earrings.

The recent slump in oil prices appears to have taken its toll on UK petrol pumps.

Figures from the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) reveal the price of unleaded petrol in the UK is now £1.25 per liter – almost £1 per liter more than the cheapest levels of just a month ago.

Worrying news for motorists.

Today’s average UK petrol price is £1.265 per liter, down from £1.268 per liter yesterday you can also check real-time oil value.

The wholesale price of petrol and diesel is £1.015 and £1.013 per liter respectively. The average price of petrol was £1.228 per liter on Tuesday.

A general picture of real-time oil value.

An oil price at record lows would have serious consequences for the economy as well as many major companies.

The situation will inevitably get worse as supply from Saudi Arabia remains low and potential supply disruptions from Iran and Libya remain a threat.

Russia increased its oil output to a 30-year high as western sanctions increased the nation’s oil exports.

The move is the latest in a series of tit-for-tat measures by the two rivals as they are locked in a price war.

Senior Russian oil company Rosneft will increase crude production by up to 10 percent, Lukoil said, after prices fell to their lowest level since 2003.

“We are increasing production because prices for oil and gas are favorable now,” a Rosneft spokesman said.

The weakening Russian Rouble, which weakened to below 89 rubles to the dollar, has also helped to draw in more foreign investment into the country’s lucrative oil industry.Mick Pearce, director-general of RAC Foundation, commented: “In this era of low oil prices, the lower price of fuel is a welcome relief for drivers, but with our major transport routes and manufacturers suffering the consequences of currency devaluation, this should be a wake-up call for ministers.

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